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Yoga helps to stimulate the body's natural ability to heal itself.  Over time, through posture work (Asanas), breathing practices (Pranayama) and relaxation, yoga encourages the body and mind to become flexible and strong.  Yoga can also help to develop an awareness of an inner peace and stillness that we all have within us which can with practice be tapped into at any time.

My name is Anne and I have been practicing Yoga for over 30 years. I am currently the only Dru Yoga teacher in Norwich and have been qualified since September 2012. Dru Yoga is a peaceful and spiritual style of Yoga which concentrates on the breath and finding your energy within.

Hi I'm Anne Bird, and for


i've been practicing Yoga - and it just keeps getting better!
One of my students said: At 45 I thought I would like to give yoga a go. Never tried it before as I thought you had to be very flexible (I can’t even touch my toes). A busy working mother of 2 children I don’t get a lot of ‘me’ time. WOW! I loved the yoga lessons by Anne, the cabin being a real tranquil place, I really felt relaxed but regenerated at the same time. I found it helped my posture and it was very therapeutic. The smooth and gentle movements created an inner peach and helped with my stress from my busy working day. If only I could practice yoga everyday!

By Sharron H - See more student testimonials

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Dru yoga can help to improve back pain by improving spine flexibility, it can help you to control and calm your breathing and stress levels, and it gives you a sense of emotional balance and peace of mind free of negative thoughts. You can read more about the topic of Dru yoga at druyoga.com.